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Intree Club is a movement of people pursuing a life with fewer distractions and a healthy balance with technology. We envision a world where privacy is the standard so people can be authentic and trust can emerge.

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“With Intree Club I became a part of a community of like-minded people who encourage, support, and share milestones with each other.“


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Why so serious?

At Intree Club, having fun is the recipe for creating meaningful relations.

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Monthly events

We host a more significant Intree Club event monthly, where all profits go directly to raising funds for charities and mental health organizations. 

Networking sessions
Networking sessions

We love getting to know each other and networking across industries. Looking for a new project or business partner? You might find them here.

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Behind the scenes

As a member of our community, you'll have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of Intree, as we live up to our promise to fix social media. You'll see how we work, learn about our process and be with the team on both good and bad days.

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Become a part of fixing social media. As a member of our community, you will have the unique opportunity to provide input and feedback on the app's design, features, and functionality. Your participation will help shape the final product.

Test and feedback
Test and feedback

Intree Club is always ready to test or engage with your idea. Whether you are launching a new website or want to practice your pitch, Intree Club and the community is always ready to help.

24/7 support and positivity
24/7 support and positivity

Intree Club is a worldwide network of like-minded people. Intree Club is open 24/7, where both mods and community members will welcome you with open arms.

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Wake up! Don’t be a slave to the Attention Economy. For too long Big Tech companies have used manipulative tactics to steal our attention and time for their profit.

But you are not just a mindless consumer passively scrolling through an infinite feed. Living with technology can be difficult, and the allure of constant dopamine can be tempting.

But realise the harms big tech companies inflict upon individuals and society and choose another path. Join Intree Club and learn to live technology together with strong, like-minded people on the same journey.

Only you can choose how you spend your time and attention.
Only you can take back control. Only you can decide to escape.

We are more than a community

Intree is on a journey to fix social media

The team behind Intree Club has developed a new social media platform called “Intree”. As a member of Intree Club, you become part of our inner circle.

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