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Share your journey, attend a talk, host a game or win a business competition. As a member of Intree Club, you can explore the possibilities of being connected to a foundation of ambitious innovators and entrepreneurs. As a member of Intree Club, you become a part of a community of ambitious innovators and entrepreneurs

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“ With Intree Club I became a part of a community of like-minded people who encourage, support, and share milestones with each other.“

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What we serve

Intree Club offers many experiences, yet we focus on three aspects

A worldwide network

Imagine being a part of a 24/7 live network that spans every corner of the world. With Intree Club, you become part of something bigger. 

Intree Club offers networking sessions, social events & curated channels where you can form trusted relations.

A better you

Today's world offers many distractions, polluted digital spaces, and dopamine loops that steal your attention for profit.

Intree Club facilitates talks, events, and workshops where you can achieve a better work-life balance and learn to live better with technology.

Learn and share

Your story, skills, and drive toward a better future are true inspirations to the people around you. So share your experiences and learn from the best.

Intree Club offers talks, workshops, and courses. Learn from industry experts with keen insights, successful entrepreneurs, and other Club Members.

Why so serious?

At Intree Club, having fun is the recipe for creating meaningful relations

Monthly events

We host a more significant Intree Club event monthly, where all profits go directly to raising funds for charities and mental health organizations. 

Weekly talks

Learning, sharing, and growing are critical to the Intree Club experience. Every week a different speaker, industry expert, tech leader, entrepreneur, or member will share their area of expertise.

Host your event

We set the stage, you bring the show. Have an idea for a great event or activity? We will make it happen.

Friday bar

Celebrate the weekend with Intree Club. We all work hard, so it’s important to celebrate and relax with each other. Intree Club hosts live Friday bars weekly, with special activities, events, and surprises.

Community Building

Have a great business opportunity, or are you looking to become a part of a new project? Intree Club offers different networking opportunities to help connect you with the right people.

Daily Activities

Intree Club is always booming with activity. Whether it’s a small contest, a friendly chess tournament, a hang-out session, or a co-creation event, there is always something or someone to interact with. 

We are more than a community

Intree is on a journey to fix social media

The team behind Intree Club are currently developing a new social media platform called Intree. As a member, you become part of our inner circle, with a golden back-stage pass, as we live up to our promise of fixing social media.

Escape the attention economy

We want to gather a worldwide community of ambassadors, to help define and co-create the future of Intree.

Behind the scenes

On good or bad days, you are with the team! Get behind the scenes of probably one of the most exciting startup journeys.


Become a part of shaping the future of social media. We love to engage our members in co-creation events. Want to help us design the next viral video or manage activities? Either way, this is the place for you.


As Intree grows, we want to spoil our community. We work with our members to figure out the best way to achieve this. When we grow, you grow,

Only 500 spots available

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Launching Q1 2023
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