"He who asks a question is a fool for a minute, he who never ask is a fool for life."

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Why discord?
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We have chosen to make Discord the main hub for Intree Club. Discord aligns with Intree’s focus on privacy and data protection, and has proven to be an excellent platform to manage larger communities and for day-to-day interactions. However, all announcements, events, and courses will be available to you over e-mail as well.

How often do we have events?
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Our goal is to maintain a highly stimulating digital environment, with different events, courses, talks, networking opportunities, and social gatherings. We have monthly events, weekly talks, daily activities, and much more. 

What is Intree?
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Intree is a tech company in the heart of Copenhagen, that is building the next-generation social media platform, with a privacy-first approach. Learn more here: intree.com

How can I get deeper involved?
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As a member, you always have the opportunity to become deeper involved and contribute to the growth and success of the community. We offer a contributor program, where every member can apply to become an ambassador for Intree Club and be rewarded for their efforts.

How can I support you?
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As a member, you are supporting both Intree Club and the development of a new social media platform. If you wish to support us further, consider joining the contributor program or supporter program.