Mikkel and Jonathan, the founders of Intree
Mikkel and Jonathan, Founders of Intree

We are escaping the attention economy

Follow our start-up journey towards creating a new social media platform., We want you to experience privacy, and therefore we created Intree. The Intree team is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and when you are a part of Intree Club, you can get behind the scenes and contribute to Intree's growth.

We set the stage, you bring the show

Meet our members

Dr. Thomas Ramsøy, the founder of Neurons
Dr. Thomas Ramsøy
Icon of a brain
Founder of Neurons, Bestselling author
"If I could teach members one thing, it would be to understand how neuroscience and knowledge of human psychology affect our decisions and thoughts."
Hjalte Nylander
Hjalte Nylander
Calender icon
Student & organiser at Intree Club
"I love to help manage this community. I’ve organised day-to-day activities while sharing my passions with people worldwide.”
Jacob Wolff-Petersen, the founder of Steelseries
Jacob Wolff-Petersen
Networking icon
Founder of Steelseries
"Know your social capital. Your existing network is powerful, and I want to guide you to take full advantage of it.”
FEatured members

Intree Club has many aspects

William W. Elung-Jensen

I joined the club to expand my network and connect with other entrepreneurs and business owners. Excited to share my journey with you all.

William W. Elung-Jensen
Co-founder and managing Director for
Alexander Valeur

I am a Pokemon cards investor and the owner of, as well as one of the podcast hosts of 'Ytringpligt', reaching 100.000 plays per month.

Alexander Valeur
Owner of
Marius Thorbjoerner

I help businesses build their online identity. I produce customised content and online marketing strategies to evolve your company traction.

Marius Thorbjoerner
Founder of
Christian Ibsen

Though born and raised in Denmark, I currently live in Italy, working with Management Consulting & Business Development as a Project Lead/Manager.

Christian Ibsen
Milan, Italy
Patricia Plesner

I'm on a mission to create a greener future by harnessing our consumers' power of choice one booking at a time.

Patricia Plesner
Anette Thisgaard

I coach people in physical, mental and social needs. By understanding that all these aspects affect your overall health you'll be the best version of yourself.

Anette Thisgaard
Health coach & Personal Trainer
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The Story

The beginning

The idea behind Intree came after the two founders, Jonathan Wolff-Petersen and Mikkel Vase, were employed at Neurons Inc, a world-leading consumer neuroscience company.  They conducted studies for companies like Facebook, using applied neuroscience to help optimise the platform.

A rotten realisation

Throughout their work, they realised that big-tech companies designed addictive algorithms and dark patterns to maximise the time spent on the platform. They saw in real-time how the platforms evolved into pollution-filled, addictive slot machines, where each platform is in an endless competition for our attention.

A fire lit

The experience of being behind the scenes of social media platforms lit a fire in both of them. They started to frame a platform where privacy and authenticity were the top priority.

After a year of thinking, framing and building some useless code, they gathered a team of highly dedicated people who wanted to build Intree and execute the goal of fixing social media. Finally, the foundation of Intree and its DNA was created.

A new way forward

While the hard work began, Intree created Intree Club, an online community where hundreds of people cheered on the Intree team. Intree Club had the option to co-create the platform with the Intree team.Today, we still have Intree Club as a part of our company journey.

The Intree Team is located in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen and comprises nearly 20 dedicated employees

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The road so far

Intree was born
We purchased the domain, designed the Intree Logo and started to gather our team.
Mikkel and Jonathan, the founders of Intree
We started to build Intree
The first line of code was written! Hurray.
Intree app
We tried to get Elon Musks' attention
What could we do except post a billboard right in front of his HQ? No reaction from him yet.
A banner of Intree
We raised some attention
10.000 people across the globe agreed with the Intree vision. With a minimum amount of funds, we managed to gather a strong community of Intreeders.
The Intree team
Partnered with Dr. Thomas Ramsøy
Dr. Thomas Ramsøy unparalleled insight into neuroscience and distaste for addictive algorithms made him an ideal partner for Intree.

Other social media might have boarded someone like him to learn more about how to make their platform more addictive. We boarded him to do the opposite.
Dr. Thomas Ramsøy, the founder of Neurons
Expanding our Team
( 20 employee mark )

We are growing fast at Intree. Do you want to become a part of our team? Apply at
The Intree team
Intree Run 2023
We hosted a charity run to raise awareness of the younger generation's relationship with technology and issues with mental health. Together with nearly 200 attendees, we raised 16.600 DKK to the Danish NGO “Psykiatrifonden”.
Intree launches on IOS
Intree is finally available on App store. Download here and Experience Privacy.
Want to get deeper involved?