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Intree Club started as an NFT Project. We found hundreds of people who supported Intree and the beginning of a strong vision.
If you want to take it a step further see all the benefits of being a cardholder below.

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As a holder of the Intree Club NFT, you are deeply involved with the team and our vision. As we grow, we want to continue to add more benefits to our supporters. We consider all NFT holders true Intree-supporters who have shown enormous dedication towards Intree.

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Receive Treets via. Intree App
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Intree's vision is to change the social currency from being based on likes and followers to instead reflecting real-life value. That's why we have "Treets", a new seamless way to share discounts and gifts with your closest relations. Once the Intree platform launches, we will create an exclusive Intree Club Aspect to send out Treets to all cardholders.

Examples:  50% off a hotel room, 50% on audio brands, free merchandise, software licenses, and more!

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Get an exclusive stamp on your Intree profile
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As an owner of the Intree Club NFT, you unlock a rare stamp on your Intree profile that only the most dedicated supporters will have. The stamp will give you access to future events that Intree hosts.

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Claim your Teddy
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We all love Teddies! Intree has its own Teddy collection to remind you that we all need a hug sometimes. Our Teddies are not fans of Big Tech and do not like that people's worth is measured through likes and followers.
Claim your Teddy today

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Closed group
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Become a part of a closed group with some fantastic people who are always ready to give feedback and help you out if you have questions or want to hang out.

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Get Intree Plus
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When holding an Intree Club card, you will get Intree Plus! That will unlock a bunch of features within the Intree App. More information to come!

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An official Intree T-Shirt shipped when we launch
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All Intree Club Card holders will receive an official Intree T-shirt when the Intree platform officially goes to market.

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Swing by the office
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Our door is open, and coffee is on the house! So come by if you are in Copenhagen and say hi to the Team.

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Meet the Intree Teddies

The Intree Teddies are born to shine up your day. Social media can make people sad and lonely, and Intree Teddies can brighten your day and remind you to take a step back and enjoy your present moment. Get your Teddy now and show that


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Intree bear
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Intree bear
Intree bear
Intree bear
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